1. Chiemgau Open

The official results list, sorted by To official tournament announcment
Day of event registration: 28.10.2010

Note: This tournament was part of the 2010 GT Season. Changes have been made in the scoring system used for the 2011 GT Season. The GT Points shown here are according to the 2011 scoring system.


# Name GT# R1R2R3Tot.Points
1Schülling, ChristianDE64442383911945.00-
2Schülling, StefanDE10950464013638.32-
3Stocker, GeorgAT64549454513932.78-
Neumayr, HaraldAT64648454613932.78-
5Wojak, DavidAT64747484614124.16-
6Esser, SebastianDE31348494714417.50 (J)-
7Kucera, HaraldDE1564748501457.45 (M)-
8Schuelling, AndreasAT64851464914620.73-
9Kucera, AndreasDE11851534314717.70-
10Nutz, HaraldAT64951485014915.01-
11Haag, RudolfDE6504949521507.45 (GM)-
12Ficker, BenniDE65152485315312.55-
13Forster, LukasAT65252545115712.61 (J)-
14Pichler, GernotDE65355475615810.29-
15Ceh, SimonAT6545654551658.16 (J)-
16Hackenberg, MartinDE6555757581728.17-
17Schwarz, MichiDE6565660581746.17-
18Ince, HeidiDE6578989782567.45 (W)-
19Döpper, KorbinianDE65873  9990.00-
Stief, JohannesDE65976  9990.00-